Peter Peter Rabbit

My name is Peter Ahern, I'm an animator and illustrator based in NYC. I post things that inspire me, as well as my own artwork and videos. More about me here.

With Halloween coming up I found myself in need of a fetus in a jar. No really, I needed one. Swear. Aaaand since I had a lot of art supplies laying around I figured I’d take a crack at making it. I took step by step photos so you too can make a “Thing in a Jar”!
First, make your creature’s base-shape by crumpling tin foil into your creature’s desired form. This way your Thing won’t be made of solid clay and never bake through.

Next cover the foil in bake-able clay (I used “Original” Sculpey) and shape it into something only a mother could love.

Then put your baby in the oven. That’s right. Put it right in. Just sliiiiiiide it on in.And crank up the heat.

When it’s done baking, add acrylic paint. I mixed up moldy flesh tones and then did a wash of watered down black to fill in and highlight cracks and creases.

Once the paint’s dry, I brushed on a thin layer of clear nail-polish to “seal” the paint. Let that dry and then apply a few layers of rubber cement on top for texture. When it dries, rub some areas off with your finger to make the “skin” look molted and peeling.

Finally, put it inside a large container. I would suggest locating your desired jar before starting so that you can customize the creature to fit. Fill the container with watered down Coke (and a little splash of bleach to prevent mold from growing) and call it a night.

Art school is paying off…